Course Content

This is the WordPress site of the ADM course DA2001 Painting as delivered by Martin Constable. In the duration of this course you will be introduced to what I believe to be the fundaments of painting practice.


In approximate order of delivery the content of this course is likely to be:

 Day Content
  • Second pallet: black white and grey
  • Impasto
  • Painting: from observation (the figure)
  • Taking photos of the figure for use as reference
  • Daytrip: drawing for painting (landscape)
  • Painting: from drawings (landscape)

Caveat: The exact order of delivery can not be guaranteed. Content might change at short notice.

You should also check out the equipment list on this page. There is a minimal material requirement that you should meet before you start this course. 

Like most courses in ADM, it will begin with guided content and gently ease you into self directed projects. A degree of self direction will start around one third of the way through the course, with full self direction starting around week six. Regarding this, I promise to support almost any form of paint-related inquiry.

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