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Mixing Paint

It is common that as you are painting, much of the paint that you apply will not be used straight from the tube, rather it will be mixed. This mixing can take place on the canvas or on the pallet. Most of the ‘serious’ mixing will be done on the pallet with the fine-tuning being done on the canvas. The science of mixing is simple enough…
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Paint: its Application

Paint is a physical material, composed of pigment, binder and (sometimes) an extender. It is often combined with dilutent (e.g. linseed oil). Additionally, the manner in which paint behaves is, in part, dependent on the surface it is painted upon, as in the case of using the primer or underpainting to supply the white values in a painting. The painting can also be treated after it has dried, with varnishes or glazes. The many ways that paint can be applied are almost without bound and all are dependent upon these physical qualities.

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