Lesson 2

Painting on grey primer with white impasto. Painting from the model. Taking photographs as reference material.

Exercise: black and white on grey

Painting with black and white paint on a grey, non-absorbent surface. This is an extension of what was learned on the first lesson, with the addition of a grey primer being used for the mid tones and a white impasto for the highlights. The subject matter will be a portrait directly from a model. Here is a talk on portraits (right click to download). Here is a talk on tone (right click to download).

Assignment: preparing photo reference

You will take a photograph to be used as source material for next week’s painting. In order for this to be successful, you will need a clear visual idea. You will need to prepare this photo for use. This will involve establishing the format of the reference i.e. its size and proportion. Do not assume that the photograph is already the correct proportion for your needs… you may need to crop it or expand it. See this page for details.

Also, prepare a primed sheet of paper to be used for next week’s painting from the photograph. Note: it must be the correct proportion for your painting. 

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