Lesson 4

The warm and cool primary pallet will be introduced. This is the ‘colourful’ pallet. Some of you will like it, some wont.

Exercise: painting from a still life

Using the flowers which you purchased, you will arrange a still life and paint from it. How this is done will be covered in class. You will be painting on white, in order to preserve the intensity of the colors. Slides from my talk on flower painting are here. Slides from my talk on color are here.

Assignment: preparing reference for a landscape painting

Next week you will be painting landscapes. Unfortunately you will not be having a ‘en plein air’ session (i.e. painting outside). I tried this once and it did not work. The demands of setting up an oil painting workspace outside were simply too much. Instead you will be constructing a landscape from a drawing or a Photoshop file. This is your assignment: to prepare this material. You may use a real landscape as reference, or you may make your own.

IMPORTANT: the preparatory work must be of the same proportion as the final painting. This is the same as you did for the assignment of lesson 2.  

The main thing to remember is that the edges and corners of a landscape are far more important than for still lives or portraits. A landscape is a very composed thing that requires you pay attention to the entirety of the painting, not just its centre.

Slides to my landscape painting talk are here.

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