Lesson 5

Space! The final frontier! So far we have addressed the two genres: the landscape and the portrait. These are spatially simple: essentially isolated objects within a void. This lesson will address something more spatially complex: the landscape. 

Exercise: painting a landscape

Using the reference that you made last week you are to paint a landscape. Again, here are my slides from my talk on landscape painting. 

Assignment: self directed practice

After the semester break you will begin your self directed practice. This is the point at which you will be doing your own project. Here is the low down:

  • This is your own project and also your responsibility. You own it.
  • Preparation is important for this project. This will be in the form of indirect reference (i.e. ‘inspiration material’, perhaps artists that you admire or random stuff that you found on the internet. It will probably also be in the form of direct reference (photographs or drawings).
  • It is strongly advised that you seek consultation.
  • Preparation of a painting surface will be an important part of this.

For next week I expect you have have acquired some indirect reference. You must have a ‘talking point’ for us to review next week. I do not care what form this comes in so long as you have it. 

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