Lesson 6

Self directed practice. Here it begins. For starters, here are the slides from my talk on Singaporean painters.

Assignment: self directed practice

Not much to say here other than go for it! After this point you will be working on your own project. Some points:

  • Do not assume that it will only be one painting. It can be many.
  • PPPPP (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance). Planning! Planning! Planning!
  • Size and proportion! Choose your own based on your needs.
  • Priming! Choose your own based on your needs.
  • Your job is not to please me but to find your own way to what you need to paint.
  • Though I accept that you will be influenced by other artists, please do not be openly derivative.
  • Consultation is your friend. Scared of me? Come in twos or threes. Come armed.

Useful info

Here is the Facebook documentation of my last stretcher making demo.

Timber can be bought from: Hong Wen Hardware Timber. In is in Northlink building,  10 Admiralty St, Sembawang. Google map location here.

For a stretcher the timber you will need is ‘two by one‘ which is in fact 19 mm X 38 mm. Make sure that you ask for straight pieces, not bendy. You can check by looking down its length for any bends. When you are in the timber yard, cut it into lengths slightly longer than you will need. This will make it easier to transport in a taxi.

You will also need 15mm ‘quadrant moulding‘, as pictured below.


Before you start, come to talk to me as there is a lot to know.

Should you wish to paint on primed board, the MDF that we have been painting on is 6mm thick. Anything large will probably have to be made from thicker board. The next size up is 9mm, then 12mm, then 16mm. Hong Wen timber should be able to cut the board for you. If not then call me and I will cut it. You can even stretch and glue canvas around a board to make your own canvas painting board.

Check out the page on priming for details thereof.

Should you wish to have a board or a stretcher made for you then I can heartily recommend Jason Ho. His email is: wdrplus at gmail.com.



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