Equipment List

The following is a list of the equipment and material you will need for this course. As your needs develop you might need to add to this list other items.

I have arranged this course so that no costs are incurred before the add drop period. However, after that there is likely to be some costs involved which will not be subsidised by the school.

I have marked as ‘A’ those items that can best be bought in an art shop. I have marked as ‘H‘ those items that can be bought in a hardware shop. If the item is available in both, then it is advised that you purchase in the latter, as it would be cheaper.

Needed in first three days

The following items will be needed by all students from the first day of this course. You will not be able to proceed with the course unless you have these items to hand.
  • Old t shirts to be used as rags as described this page
  • Many large plastic bags as described this page
  • Dirty clothes to wear (no aprons or rubber gloves allowed)
  • A couple of cut-down water bottles as described on this page.
  • Old newspapers
  • Scissors (good enough to cut plastic bags)
  • Sellotape

Needed after the first three days

The following items will be needed immediately after the add drop period. It is recommended that you share the costs. Paint can be shared between two or three, linseed oil between four or five. Paint should be the student range (i.e. the cheap stuff). I recommend the Winton brand a 37ml tube of which costs around $5.00.

  • The warm / cool brown oil color pallet as described on this page (A)
  • The warm and cool primary oil color as described on this page (A)
  • Linseed oil described here (A H)
  • Aroma-free solvent described here (A) (get from Straights Commercial shop which is across the road to Art Friend. They sell Kremer brand, aroma free solvent)
  • Two cut-down water bottles (to be used as a pot) as described here
  • If you are going to buy more brushes than those I will be supplying, then I recommend you read carefully this page

Later on in the course you may need:

  • A large, flat two inch wide decorators brush (for applying primer) (A H)
  • Waterproof wood glue (H)
  • A portable digital device for viewing images whilst in the studio (e.g. laptop or tablet)
  • A powerful staple gun as described on this page (A H)
  • Other stuff

Good staple guns are hard to find in Singapore. The best tool shop I have found is called the Handyman Centre. Its address is 304 Orchard Road.