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One of the strengths of PS is its ability to magically add and remove figures from within a photographic image. Check out the image pair below... the image on the left was the original.

Add remove 01.png

Here is the layerv structure:

Add remove 02.png


When adding one element onto another, the key philosophy is to ask the questions:

  1. What effect will the addition have on the environment?
  2. What effect will the environment have on the addition?


Here a copy of the original is placed on the top of the layer stack so it can be easily made visible and invisible. This will make it easy to refference.

Layer Groups

The addition (Revivify) and remove (Kill) are both put in layer sets for easy management.


This multiplies the figure so that its lightness values match those of the new environment.

add (Hair top)

Masking out the hair, some of the old background showed through. This was fixed by a small Cloned addition.


The man figure with a simple mask.

Add (Wall)

Just a small add to get rid of an edge that looked 'wrong'. Dont know if this was really necessary.


This is a multiply to the man that is standing behind the addition.


This is a multiply onto the pillar.

add (Blur figure)

This is a hack. The man addition is a lot more blurred than the environment into which it is to be placed (below left). This was less noticeable if a copy of the figure that lies behind was given a small blur (using the Blur tool).

Add remove 03.png