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The Adjustments are found within a sub-menu within the Image menu. Most of them can also be found as non-destructive Adjustment Layers in the Layers Pallet. There are a whole load of them but most of them are not useful to us, and some are completely useless to anyone. These are the most you will normally need:



Hue Saturation


Selective Color

Notice the lack of the Color Balance adjustment. Though popular with newbies, far better color adjustments can be made using Curves.

A couple of important things about all Adjustment:

  1. Each Adjustment has a hidden Reset button: just press the Option key and the Cancel button will turn into reset.
  2. All of the Adjustments take experience and intelligence to master. One way to get to know the inner workings of them is to experiment on gradients. By observing there effect upon black to white or rainbow gradients their inner workings can be revealed (an example of this practice is in the Selective Color page).