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Observe the Naming Conventions when naming your files.

Place completed work online in Hand_In folder of Digi Paint course in the ADM Digital Animation folder.

Expectations of this course

The expectations of this course are:

  1. That you have demonstrated technical competence in all key aspects of Photoshop practice. See Key Technical Skills for a brief outline of these skills.
  2. That your file is organised according to the DT2012 'house style'. See Naming Conventions for details.
  3. That all your research and reference material are presented in an orderly and consistant manner.
  4. That necessary assignments have been completed.
  5. That you have demonstrated competence in keys aspects of pictorial skills. See Key Pictorial Skills for a brief outline of what these might be. Clearly, given the nature of the topic, these are to an extent negotiable, according to the particular aims of your creative output.
  6. That your creative output is original and engaging.
  7. That you have demonstrated engagement with the course. This might be through asking questions in class, the seeking of consultations or suchlike.