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Assignments will be reviewed in class during the lesson that follows the date of its delivery. Personal consultations may also be requested.

  1. Assignments to be handed into the assigned Google drive folders. At least two course work assignments (50%) and one self directed practice (50%). More than one file can be submitted for each (using versioning).
  2. Each assignment must consist of one .jpg and one .psd file. jpgs must 1000px wide. No more, no less. Instructions here.
  3. They must follow the course file naming conventions (see file naming conventions below)
  4. They must follow the course file structure conventions (see layer structure conventions below).

File naming conventions

All your final files must follow the same naming convention, as shown below.

Assessment Student number Extension Result
Assessment 2 s3567494 .psd 01_s3567494.psd

Your files may be accompanied by a history of their development. This is to be in the form of a .png (good for illustrator files) or a .jpg (good for photoshop files). They are to be named as below:

Assessment Student number Version number Extension Result
Assessment 2 s3567494 001 .jpg 01_s3567494_001.jpg

Research images (sketches, source etc) are to be included in an accompanying folder called research followed by its Assessment and student number (e.g. 01_s3567494_research). Research folders are not compulsory, but will be considered in the final grade.

Layer structure conventions

All layers should have valid names. 'untitled layer 2' is not a valid name. Layer naming as below:

Naming convention.png

A - Content layers
Always descriptive and start with capitals.
B - Adjustment layers
Left to default naming unless otherwise needed.
C - Blend mode layers

Always simple initials in lower case. Follow this convention:

Blend mode
Naming Convention
Multiply m
Screen s
Overlay o
Color Burn cb
Color Dodge cd
Color c
Saturation s
Hue h
D - A simple cloned or painted addition
Mark as 'Add'.


If your Photoshop file has more than one group of layers (a group being defined as an image layer with multiple adjustment and blend mode layer above it) then the group must be separated by Layer Groups (menu: Layer / New / Group from Layers). Color those groups (right click on group and select color).

By the way… do not clip to layers that are completely opaque. Clipping only works if the layer is at least partly transparent.

Naming convention 02.png