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What can the Hue Saturation Adjustment do?

The Hue Saturation is capable of:

  • Rotating the hue values of an image.
  • Decreasing or increasing the saturation values of an image.
  • Adding to or taking away from the lightness value of an image.

Hue sat 01.png

Wots it for?

It has two uses:

  1. It is used to change the overall saturation values of an image.
  2. It is used to change the hue, saturation or lightness values of a solid color.

For used for HSL value edits of solid color it sometimes appears not to work. This might be because you are asking it to change the saturation or hue of a neural value like a gray or a white. This cant be done. The solution is to check the Colorize tick box. This will force a HSL change onto a neutral.

I find that it is faster to lay down a colored solid area in this way than to select the color from the color picker.

What is saturation?

The saturation values of an image can be considered to be its 'amount of perceptual apparent color'. Hence: grey, black and white all present zero saturation values, the colors of human skin (usually) present medium saturation values and the yellow of a sunflower present high saturation values.

A word of warning

On no account ever, ever, ever use it to make any adjustment what so ever to a photograph other than an edit to its saturation. Got it? The lightness slider in Hue Saturation is simply not suitabl;e for any serious photo editing.