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Liquify is a funky filter but occasionally very useful. It comes with its own special dialogue box:

Filters liquify 02.png

Using it the image can be turned into a watery form that can be pulled around at will. In the image below the eyes of the face have been made smaller and the lips have been embiggened.

Filters liquify 01.png

Its controls are easy enough to figure out. Just a few points to take note of:

  • This filter is great for changing the shape of someones body. However, when using it for this purpose it is best that the body is removed from the background by using a mask. If this is not done then the background will be liquified as well. The mask has to be destructively applied as this filter does not observe masks.
  • When changing body shape, large brushes are best employed. These are easier to move the body around with. Small, 'nibbly' moves are better than large ones.
  • The Freeze Mask Tool and the Thaw Mask Tool are good for masking-out areas of the liquify effect.
  • The Reconstruct Tool is good for painting away the filter's effect.
  • The Show Backdrop settings are good for getting a feel for how the effect will look in place within the PS document.