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If you can move around freely in PS then you will feel all the more confident. There are only a few navigation tools and commands and you should learn their keystrokes. They are all placed within easy hand-reach of each other and are easy to get used to.

Tool or action
Hand Tool Navigation 01.png Spacebar The hand tool enables you to move the document around in the screen.
Zoom in Navigation 02.png Spacebar Command


Command +

You can also click and drag the Zoom tool to zoom in on a specific area. Also, if you have a scroll wheel mouse, Option Scroll lets you zoom in and out.
Zoom out Navigation 03.png Spacebar Option


Command -

Screen Mode Navigation 04 1.png F At the bottom of the Tool Strip is the Screen Mode selector. This fills the screen with the document. Try pressing on the three buttons to see how on each press the way the document presents in the screen changes. Now forget about those buttons and commit to memory their simple shortcut: F.
Hide pallets Tab Hiding all the pallets gives you a clear view of your work.