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First of all,,, what is perspective? I ask the question because it is a term that is often used poorly or inaccurately. Take the image below: the trees in the distance look like they are in the distance because:

Pictorial 30.png

Far tree
Near tree
Atmospheric distortion (more blue) No atmospheric distortion No
Is of high lightness contrast Is of low lightness contrast No
Has fuzzy edges Has sharp edges No
Is small Is large 'Yes

Pictorial 32.png

Pictorial 33.png

Pictorial 31.png

Pictorial 34.png

Pictorial 35.png

Pictorial 36.png

Pictorial 37.png

Pictorial 38.png

Pictorial 39.png

Pictorial 40.png

Pictorial 41.png

Pictorial 42.png

Pictorial 43.png

Pictorial 44.png

Pictorial 45.png