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Pressing Q with an active selection in view will convert that selection to a pink overlay. This is nothing spacial. In my coverage of the Channels Palette I pointed out that channels, selections, masks, quick masks etc were all the same thing wearing different hats, and it is easy to make the same pink overlay appear by clicking the eye icon next to an alpha channel in the Channels Pallet.

Quick mask 01.png

But despite its simplicity, Quick Mask Mode is an extremely useful thing that you would benefit greatly from having in your PS Guru bag-o-tricks. This overlay can be painted into...

Quick mask 03.png

Added to by another selection...

Quick mask 04.png

Transformed with a Command T...

Quick mask 05.png

And mucked around with using any of the filters in the filter menu.

Quick mask 06.png

I fint it particularly useful for softening selections and it can be viewed as a complete replacement for the Modify sub-menu in the Select menu and even the funky new Refine Edge command. An example of its use within a Puppet Warp transform is here.