Self-Directed Practice

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From now, until the end of the course, you will be engaged in self-directed practice.

Self-directed practice is simply a creative project the focus of which is defined by the student. Typically, it evolves from course work, sketchbook drawings, reference and suchlike. Typically also it derives from the student's existing interests and ambitions.

The role of consultation at the beginning of self-directed practice is important. For this reason, it will start with a personal consultation. During this consultation, the teacher will:

  • Examine the project for its feasibility. Can it be completed in time? Are there sufficient recourses available for its needs? etc.
  • Advise as to its technical requirements. For example, if it involves the learning of new software or new techniques. Such questions all help turn the fuzzy idea into a real plan.
  • Clarify the project. It might be that the student has only the most nebulous idea of what their project is. However, scattered through their prior work are enough clues to give solid form to their ideas.

It is important that the student does not over-reach themselves. If they wish, for example, to do an animation, yet have no prior experience in animation, then an alternative plan should be sought.

Very importantly, the typical student last-minute cram WILL NOT WORK. Of core concern in self-directed practice is reference. If using photo reference, you are strongly advised to take your own photos. Some information on how to do this can be found on this page.

During the progress of self-directed practice, regular consultation should be sought.