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A brush is, at heart, just a stamp that is being repeated very quickly. The spacing between this stamps can be adjusted in the Brush Tip Shape pallet. Though there are 1,000,000s of brushes online and in the default install, I have found that it is perfectly possible to get by with just a few (in fact I delete a whole lot from the default set). However, it is sometimes needful to make new brushes that respond to particular needs. A good example is a 'leaf brush', that can be used to make leaves on a tree (though they are not suitable for really close inspection).

From the Edit menu such a custom brush may be defined from a selection of paint. Two things must first be ensured:

  1. That the paint that constitutes your new brush shape is against a transparent background. Sometimes, if you are working on a new file, it is easier to make a new PS doc rather than switch off 100s of laters to get to the transparency.
  2. The brush shape is defined from a grey paint thin / thickness only. So... no colors will register in the new brush, and any non-opaque areas of the stamp will remain as such (e.g. a thinly painted area).
  3. The selection that is drawn round the brush shape must be from the Rectangular Marquee Tool (from the Toolbox).

Painting 10.png

The funky colored ants above have been made with a custom brush and the following settings adjusted in the Brush pallet:

  • Shape dynamics (Size Jitter, Minimum Diameter, Angle Jitter)
  • Scattering (Scatter, Count)
  • Color Dynamics (Foreground/Background Jitter, Hue Jitter, Saturation Jitter)