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Artists have been darkening the outer perimeter of their paintings for thousands of years. A vignette as made by someone like Rembrandt is a nuanced and complex thing composed of depth plane and picture plane elements. The big problem now is that a dumb cousin of the painter's vignette has evolved that has its roots in photography. Old-style photographic vignettes arise from the optical shortcomings of the camera's lens and is entirely situated on the surface of the picture plane.

A more complex, painters-style vignette is shown in the picture plane and the depth plane, with large parts of it being object driven. Below in descending order: the original image, a photo-style vignette (which is only on the surface of the picture plane) and a complex vignette (which involves not only the surface of the picture plane but also the depth plane).

Vignette 1.jpg

Vignette 2.jpg

Vignette 3.jpg

It is a common feature of the vignette to have one corner left open as in the example below by Fredrick Church.

Pictorial 20.png

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A vignette can be considered to be a complex arrangement of Overlap.