Teaching Assets

A selection of downloadable teaching material. Many of these talks deveopoed from student requests. More material can be found in my various teaching websites.

Selected teaching material from my Undergraduate talks
       The suffix 's' denotes that the file is the small version, which is suitable for most purposes. Large versions are available on request. At undergraduate level I teach: Digital Painting, Painting, Drawing, Compositing, Art and Science (all links to ADM school course descriptions).

Painting: some notes on the history and practice of traditional painting.  Painting_s.pdf
Landscape: a short history of landscape painting and some technical notes on their construction.  Landscapes_s.pdf
Portrait: a short history of portrait painting and some technical notes on their construction. Portraits_s.pdf
Flower painting: a short history of flower painting and some technical notes on their construction. Flowers_s.pdf
Color: addressing the saturation and hue component of color.  Color_s.pdf
Tone: addressing the lightness component of color. Tones.pdf
The Romantic painters: a history and overview.   Romantic_Painters_s.pdf
Perspective: the use and practice of perspective. Perspective_s.pdf
Photoshop: only the super important stuff of Photoshop. Photoshop_s.pdf


Selected teaching material from my Postgraduate talks
      Two versions are supplied for some talks. The NOTES version contains the slides notes as well as small previews of the slides. The SLIDES versions contains the large slides. At Post Graduate level I teach Aesthetics, which is delivered in the second semester of the program.

'What is art?'An ambitious title perhaps, but it seems a necessary question to ask in an art school. What_is_Art_NOTES.pdf What_is_Art_SLIDES.pdf
Color: addressing the history, particularly the science history, of color. Color_NOTES.pdf Color_SLIDES.pdf
'The Analogue and Digital Head Death': addressing the history of head dis-figuration in the cinema, and how this is differently addressed by digital and analogue visual effects.    Head_Death.pdf


      Some 'random' useful documents.

'Format for FYP Report': how to write a Final Year Project report. This was written during my time as Academic Chair.   Format_for_FYP_Report.pdf
'Digital Productivity': an overview on how to use Microsoft Word, Excel etc. This was actually written for faculty, whose IT skills were not always the finest. Digital_Productivity.pdf
'Essay Writing': super brief notes on how to write an essay. Writing_an_Essay.pdf