Teaching Websites

I made the following four websites to address the specific needs of my courses. The two MediaWiki sites required that I learn how to use this complex, yet powerful, content management system. In their feedback, students have commented on how useful these sites are. The Nuke site is particular has been very successful. It gets around 5,000 visitors per month and academics from other Universities use it for their teaching purposes.

  • Photoshop Wiki. My Photoshop learning Wiki. This is my most up to date site, and one which I use to serve my Digfital Painting course.
  • Nuke Wiki. My Nuke learning Wiki. Nuke is a high-end motion compositor, very popular amongst the visual effects community
  • Painting Word Press. My painting learning Word Press site.
  • Pictorial terms. My pictorial terms microsite. This is still in deveopment. In it, I address some of the common pictorail terms that I encounter in my teaching of painting and digital painting.